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Name KoinWorks NEO: Digital Finance
Category Tools
Size 40.3MB
Popularity 1531
Publisher KoinWorks
Score 6.0
Publish Date 14/07/2022
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Mod Info:

KoinWorks NEO: Digital Finance

KoinWorks NEO: Digital Finance Game Introduction :

KoinWorks facilitates financial management &
with cash loan, invoice financing, employee loan, etc, easy submission✅, low interest✅, without credit card✅ or collateral✅. Facilitates asset development through business funding, Gold Savings/Investments, Bonds, etc. One of the pioneers of
fintech in Indonesia, registered & supervised by
? Various solutions & financial reports
? Registered at OJK, number S.87/MS.72/2020, Feb 10, 2020
? ISO 27001 certification for financial aggregator services industry
KoinWorks NEO provides easier, faster, practical business financial management—activate in 2 minutes, enjoy these features:
• Multiple virtual cards for multiple business needs
• Create a card in 1 minute for operational, marketing, employee benefits, or other needs
• Top-up instantly, up to IDR100 Mio per card
• Transact online with preferred merchants, domestic or international

• Receiving payment from various methods, credit card, debit card, e-wallet
• Generate a payment link or download an invoice in 2 minutes
• Schedule recurring payments
• Anytime, anywhere, send money to any bank with 0 charges
• High limit per transaction, realtime or scheduled
Daily bonus up to 15% p.a.
✦Non-bank online business loans up to 2 billion, low origination fees, start from 0.75% of the loan amount, low installment effective interest, start from 9% per year through KOINBISNIS.
if business\’s financial profile is healthy, so check credit score
✦Accelerate the disbursement of client invoices that are not yet due by up to 80% with invoice financing through KOININVOICE loans so that your cash flow is safe
✦Help employees\’ loan needs by paying early and fast salaries through KOINGAJI
✦ Loan limit (Plafon) IDR 1 Million – IDR 2 Billion
✦ Monthly interest rate 0,75% – 1,67% (Yearly rate 9% – 20%)
✦ Tenor 6 – 24 months
✦ Origination fee (depend on tenor) 0,75% – 5%
✦ Admin fee IDR 150.000 – IDR 200.000
✦ Insurance fee 0,10% – 1,25%
✦ Late fee 6% of installment amount (depend on days)
✦ Installment of monthly loan interest: (Amount / Tenor) x Plafon
✦ (0.09 / 12) x IDR 10,000,000 = IDR 75,000
✦ Loan Amount + Interest: Plafon + Interest
✦ IDR 10,000,000 + IDR 75,000 = IDR 10,075,000
✦ Monthly Installment: (Plafon + Interest) / Tenor
✦ IDR 10,075,000 / 12 = IDR 839,583.33 per month
✦ Plafon Received After Cost Reduction: Plafon – (Plafon x Origination) – (Admin) – (Insurance)
✦ IDR 10,000,000 – IDR 75,000 – IDR 150,000 – IDR 10,000 = IDR 9,765,000 after fees
✦Long term profit with
, Buy and sell gold from Antam and
online, start from IDR 1,000 through KOINGOLD
✦Despite the gold investment, can develop assets by funding MSME businesses, based on P2P lending, effective returns up to 18% per year, funding start from IDR 100K and multiples through KOINP2P. KoinP2P is licensed & supervised by OJK, letter number: KEP-125/D.05/2019, Dec 13, 2019
✦Automatic P2P funding, utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI), low risk, with 4%-14% p.a yield, start from IDR 100K and multiples through KOINROBO
✦Development of assets with low risk by Securities (SBN)/ Government Bonds (SUN): buy SBR, Indonesian Government Bonds (ORI), Retail & Savings Sukuk (sharia bonds) through KOINBOND
✦Modern gold & asset investment methods
✦High funding Interest (return)
✦Legally supervised by OJK
✦Can start
and developing assets from IDR 1000
⚠︎KoinWorks NEO similar to neobank
⚠︎KoinWorks NEO ≠ digital bank
⚠︎KoinP2P ≠ saham, forex
⚠︎KoinRobo ≠ deposito
WA: +6281703972888
Email: [email protected]

KoinWorks NEO: Digital Finance Game screenshot :

KoinWorks NEO: Digital Finance
KoinWorks NEO: Digital Finance
KoinWorks NEO: Digital Finance
KoinWorks NEO: Digital Finance
KoinWorks NEO: Digital Finance
KoinWorks NEO: Digital Finance
KoinWorks NEO: Digital Finance

KoinWorks NEO: Digital Finance (40.3MB)

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