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Name Cow Wallpapers
Category Personalization
Size 35.3MB
Popularity 1430
Publisher Leafgreen
Score 6.0
Publish Date 29/04/2022
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Mod Info:

Cow Wallpapers

Cow Wallpapers Game Introduction :

With these wallpapers there’s no need to visit the farm to see beautiful, happy cows every day!

Cows are large domesticated animals that are commonly kept on farms or ranches. Throughout the world, cattle are used as livestock for providing both dairy products and meat, or beef. Cows are also used in many places as draft animals, helping humans perform hard manual farm labor. From a cowboy roping a bull on the range to a milkmaid patiently coaxing milk from a cow’s udders, humans and cows interact in many different ways. While cows are most commonly kept as a source of meat and dairy, many people disapprove of the sometimes inhumane treatment these type of cattle are given. These sweet, mooing animals are meant to roam free in the grasslands, grazing the day away as they lazily chew grass and cud – and that’s what you’ll find in these wallpapers! This app features gorgeous images of happy cows in rolling pastures and fields. You’ll find photographs of many different types of cows, from young calves and heifers to strong bulls and steers. Many different breeds of cattle are shown as well, from black and white Holsteins to iconic western Texas Longhorns!

If you appreciate the earthiness and simplicity of cows, you’ll love these serene and beautiful wallpapers!

Cow Wallpapers Game screenshot :

Cow Wallpapers

Cow Wallpapers

Cow Wallpapers (35.3MB)

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